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Fruit popsicles are popsicles made from various fruits with yogurt or milk. They are pure natural popsicles without any additives. They are very popuway to make money nowlar among foodies. Nowadays, few people are selling fruit popsicles in the market. The competition is relatively small, but the market The prospects are still pretty good.

Let's analyze, the reading volume of this article is 9194, which is not too much. According to the minimum conversion rate of 1%, this article can bring about 10000*1%*20=2000 yuan to the author. Still a good income, considering that the operator only spent a few minutes posting a post. Of course, this post also has two shortcomings. We can completely modify it to increase the conversion rate. 1), the link is not in the form of anchor text 2), it does not incorporate the Tianya jump technology, jumps to a carefully prepared promotion page, or directly borrows Treasure invite registration page.

In those communities in reality, an uncle who would often drive a triangle car, yelling for second-hand old mobile phones to exchange stainless steel washbasins for free, many people will use one or two old rotten or old mobile phones there. After hearing this, my aunt would take a few mobile phones to exchange for a few washbasins. This way of exchanging objects is very popular with my aunts, anyway, the mobile phones themselves are not available.

The lottery carousel has 8 free chances a day. Just click [I want to draw] and turn the carousel. There are different awards, you can draw your phone bill, and there are lucky bags to get different rewards, such as red envelopes for other software, or super prices Shopping opportunities and more.

Mobile scan code payment is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Mobile phones have become a mobile version of the wallet. It is very convenient to scan and use, but it is also because of the ultra-high penetration and convenience. Scan code payment has become a favorite of criminals. The big cake, even a complete fraud industry chain appeared: the scammer took the victim's payment code, and then gave it to the person who collected the payment code. These people contacted the redeemable code scanner, and the code scanner established merchants and The user's face-to-face payment scenario is used to complete the face-to-face payment transaction process. Finally, the code scanner and the payment code provider are divided through the virtual commodity transaction platform (game coupon).

There are many scams in which students are deceived, but among them, part-time way to make money nowand internship scams are the most. Because this happens to be the place that students most need and don’t understand, it has become a “severe disaster area”.

How to promote Taobao on WeChat? After establishing a group, find some super cheap products. Let everyone taste the sweetness first. After you have tasted the sweetness, you can tell everyone in the group at this time, let everyone help pull people, how many people will give red envelopes or give gifts, it is best to put the gift PS into a picture in advance, and pull people. At that time, we must tell everyone that when we pull others, we should tell us what the group is doing. It can reflect the preparation of a conversation, don’t blindly pull, it’s just to make up the number of people, the later conversion must be very poor, and the group is also very bad. .

12. Pretend to be weak and win everyone's sympathy. The reason why they like to dress pitifully and pu code is that they actually want to make up for their lives in the team. Or want to win everyone's sympathy, and then agree to his unreasonable request. Many times we will soften our hearts out of sympathy, and it is easy to fall into their well-designed trap. What needs to be reminded is that the poor must have something hateful, and the story of the farmer and the snake must be remembered.

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